Baseball Diaries II

Yoshi was kind of worried about yesterday’s pitcher, a talented, but immature second year student. I knew everything would be okay, though, when I saw that the other coach was using the same pitcher as the day before. The kid was obviously tired. He pitched well on Sunday, in the rain no less, but he gave up five runs in the first three innings. Yoshi’s team, Tokushima Kita High School, wound up winning 10-3. The game was called in the 7th inning due to the slaughter rule.

I didn’t get to watch all of today’s game because I had to go give my third year college students their final exam. (There were a lot of students who spelled “tangerine” correctly today, so I was very happy.) The score was 4-3 when I left the house. When I got to my classroom, one of my students, a baseball player, checked on his computer and found that the score was 8-7 in favor of Kita High School in the 8th inning. He checked again after he finished his exam and found that they had won.

On to the semifinals!


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