Jio’s entire school was supposed to go to YMCA overnight camp today. Proscrastinator that I am, I didn’t start preparing the required stuff until yesterday after school. He needed a pair of shoes for playing in/near the water, which he didn’t have, so after dinner I packed the twins in the car and went to the mall. I was exhausted, by the way, ’cause I only got about 6 hours’ sleep the night before and I’d spent the day in the city. So we bought the shoes, came home, and then I realized we didn’t have a decent marker for writing Jio’s name on everything. Lilia fell asleep doing homework. Everything was late, everyone was tired. Yoshi volunteered to go the store and buy a marker. I think he’d finished writing Jio’s name on everything by the time the phone rang at 10PM. It was Jio’s teacher saying that camp had been cancelled due to heavy rain forecast for today.


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