Game #1

One good thing about living here in my mother-in-law’s house is that we can now watch the high school baseball tournament on local access cable TV. So while the twins were splashing around in the wading pool just outside the sliding glass doors, I stayed in the cool, comfortable living room and watched Yoshi’s first game of the summer tournament.

The opposing pitcher had trouble from the get-go. In the first inning – maybe it was even the first batter – he walked a guy, then he hit another batter with a pitch that was a little too inside. I felt kind of sorry for him and the rest of his teammates. Yoshi’s team started getting run after run. It must have been ninety degrees out there, and those other kids looked miserable.

The power went out in the neighborhood during the fourth inning. When it came back on, it was the fifth inning and the score was 11-1. The game was called, putting the other team out of their misery. I don’t even think they cried. I reckon they just wanted to go home.

Anyway, Yoshi’s team got its first victory and a big photo in today’s newspaper. The next game is Friday. Lose once, and it’s all over.


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