Literary Mama

I recently became co-fiction editor, along with Susan Ito, of the fabulous on-line journal Literary Mama. Our first selections will be posted later today. Be sure to check out “Sluggers,” by Susan O’Doherty, which first attracted me, in part, because of the baseball. (We’re all about baseball in this house, especially now as my husband, a.k.a. The Coach, gears up for the annual summer high school tournament.) Also, readers of this blog may find “Pointed Lessons,” by Tania Strelkoff, of interest, as it concerns an expatriate mother in Italy. And finally, please read “Plumbing Problems: A Love Story,” Annie Kasoff’s wonderful contribution about a single mother trying to connect with her teen-aged son.

You writers out there should know that we are always on the look-out for outstanding short stories and novel excerpts by mothers on mothering. Check out the guidelines on the website.


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