Rude Kid

Remember a few weeks ago when I got all worked up over those girls who were calling my daughter “scary”? Well, today my daughter did the same kind of thing to someone else. We were at therapy, and this kid – who we actually see a lot – came in, and Lilia pointed at the kid and signed “fushigi,” which means, in this case, “strange.” I’m not sure what the deal is with the boy’s legs, but he gets around by bouncing on his bottom. His feet are sort of backwards and his legs are always straight and he can get himself up onto a table in this smooth acrobatic gesture. Anyway, I was so embarrassed to have my daughter pointing at this kid. I was relieved that probably no one else knew what she was signing.

I think that Lilia is sometimes a little frightened or alarmed or at least intrigued by some of the develomentally disabled adults she sees there. Sometimes their behavior is a little unpredictable. Once, an adult male rolled himself into her Occupational Therapy session. But although she may find them to be “fushigi,” I want her to be sensitive to the feelings of others.


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