The Writer’s Life

Today I got four rejections in the mail. That must be a record for me. One story went all the way from Japan to Philadelphia and back in just two weeks! That one came back with the dreaded printed form, as did another. Another letter was in response to a pitch to an educational publisher for a series. They passed on my idea, but said they’d keep my name on file. The final one was a printed rejection form with scribblings in the margins. That was for the story I most want to publish – a baseball story commissioned by Jio last summer. The editor wrote that my ending was powerful, which makes me happy because I am so weak on endings. I’ve gotten enough encouragement on that story to keep me going for awhile. I’ll keep sending it out till I can’t think of any more markets.


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life

  1. Four in one day! Ouch, that stings. I’m sorry…

    Hmmm, I know this GREAT litjournal called Literary…..


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