Sign Language

Once a month there is a sign language class for mothers at the deaf school. The teacher is deaf and all the hand-outs are in Japanese with a lot of kanji, so it’s sometimes a little hard for me to follow along, but I do my best. Yesterday I learned the sign for romantic love, which is index fingers describing the arc of two straws going into the same glass. Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t that totally 1950s soda fountain type of romantic? One mother wanted to know the sign for uwaki, which means infidelity. Some eyebrows were raised. There is actually a very high divorce rate among parents at the deaf school. Half of the second graders’ parents are divorced and one out of three kids in the third grade have divorced parents. This is pretty high for Japan. So far, all of the first graders live with both parents.


One thought on “Sign Language

  1. It’s interesting that the mother would choose that venue to ask about the sign for “uwaki.” It seems like there is a story there. Learning kanji is difficult as it is, and using it to learn sign language is even more complex — ganbatte!

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