The Monkeys Turn Seven

A couple days ago my babies had another birthday. They are, of course, no longer babies,and if you’re thinking that I’m yearning for the days when I could carry both of them without breaking my back,you’re wrong. Back then they were itty bitty fragile things and we worried all the time about just keeping them alive. Look at them now!

They both requested a Conan cake. For those of you who don’t know, Conan is a high school boy trapped in the body of a little boy, due to some spell enacted upon him. He’s also a detective. It’s not a great cake, but I did my best and the twins were very pleased.


5 thoughts on “The Monkeys Turn Seven

  1. Yay!!! Happy birthday kiddos. I didn’t realize they were Geminis. I think the cake is very cute. Nothing like a homemade cake.

  2. Very cute!! I hear you about the baby thing; I’ll be glad when MM is well on her way to being a robust preschooler.

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