Manual Labor

Today I’m a little sore from helping to clean the pool at my son’s school yesterday. I thought the other mothers and I would be putting in a token effort, but it was seriously hard work – three hours of scrubbing. I have blisters from wielding a broom. I was already a little bit sore from participating in tug-of-war during my daughter’s sports festival the day before, and from helping to put up tents for the festival the day before that. I had no idea that being a parent of an elementary school student in Japan involved so much manual labor.


One thought on “Manual Labor

  1. You`re bringing back memories of my life in Tokyo, where my kids went to the local shogakko and Mama nearly killed herself in the undokai “spoon race.”

    I look forward to reading your blog, because it will remind me a lot of my own life — and also give me new insight on what it`s like to raise kids outside Tokyo, and also to raise a kid with special health needs.

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