Lilia’s Legs

Lilia can stand long enough to brush her teeth or wash her hands with a little support, and she did when she was in kindergarten. I was dismayed, however, to discover yesterday that her current teachers wheel her over to the sink in a chair on casters. It’s easier for the teachers, I’m sure, and easier for Lilia, but I said many times that I think it’s important for Lilia to use her legs. Her physical therapist said that she thinks Lilia will be able to stand soon, but it seems like her deaf school teachers don’t have any hope for her. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, being too nitpicky. After all, she has an extra session of physical therapy at school now, as well as P.E. class.

Meanwhile, Yoshi stayed up late reading up on a relatively new surgery developed by a Dr. Matsuo Takahashi in Tokyo that has enabled chiildren with cerebral palsy to walk. It involves cutting muscles. It sounds a little bit scary. I still like the idea of going to Lourdes.


2 thoughts on “Lilia’s Legs

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s not much comparison, since my husband had his surgeries in the 70s and (I think) 80s, but he did have his muscles cut at the lower calf/ankle area. I don’t know the extent to which it was absolutely necessary vs. experimental, but he sometimes cites this as the reason he doesn’t walk as well as he thinks he should. But, in his case, he remembers walking better before the surgery, rather than the surgery being for the purpose of enabling walking.

    If you’d ever like to get in touch with him directly about any CP/walking stuff that he’s experienced, feel free to contact me offline (xilerui [at] and I can send you his email – he’s always up for discussing his disability.

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