Last week I wondered out loud to Yoshi if Lilia might benefit more from a different kind of therapy, like hippotherapy, or something else that isn’t offered in Japan. The grass is always greener, y’know? So today Yoshi told met that his New Age friend in Tokyo, the guy who was heavily into channeling last time I saw him, knows someone who can “cure” Lilia. At first I thought this guy was a doctor or a therapist, but no, he’s a “spiritual.” I guess that means he’s some kind of faith healer. Yoshi asked me what I thought about taking Lilia to see this guy. He didn’t have a lot of information about the guy. Apparently, Lilia, or all of us, would have to eat natural foods. That’s part of the cure. Anyway, I said, sure, why not? As long as it doesn’t cost money and the guy doesn’t do anything to Lilia (except maybe “cure” her). I could write about it! I also mentioned that we might consider taking Lilia to Lourdes, although I didn’t mention my ulterior motive of doing research for my novella.


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