Terrorist Mother

In today’s Japan Times there is a very interesting interview with May Shigenobu, daughter of Red Army founder Fusako Shigenobu. May’s father was a Palestinian resistance fighter. Her mother’s goal was to help the Palestinian cause. The notorious Red Army hi-jacked planes and launched a grenade attack on Israel’s Lod Airport, killing 26 and injuring 78.

May spent most of her life guarding her parents’ secrets and living on the lam, but she has only the highest praise for her mother. Now a cram school teacher here in Japan, May defends her mother’s actions and says that she hopes she will be found innocent.

This article is timely for me, as I’ve just started reading Kim Jensen’s beautifully written novel The Woman I Left Behind, a love story about a Palestinian exile and a young American woman. Like her heroine, Jensen is married to an exiled Palestinian and has been engaged in the fight for human rights for many years. However, while Shigenobu chose violence, Jensen and her husband employ eloquence and art.


4 thoughts on “Terrorist Mother

  1. Very interesting! Do you know Jensen? I’ve heard about this book several times recently (yours is probably the fourth mention) and I’m keen to read the book. I’m going to look for it when I go back to the States this summer.

    Where do you buy your English language books?

  2. I don’t know Jensen, but her publisher is planning on publishing my short story collection. I mostly buy books from Amazon. It’s not cheap, of course. My husband always gets mad when he sees the Visa bill, but I can’t live without books!

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