Reading Time

Yesterday I had my students read picture books and talk about them. I brought in a wide variety and let them choose for themselves what they would read. As I was mindful that about half were into sports and several were studying to be special ed teachers, I brought in a book about a deaf boy and another about baseball. They pretty much made their decisions based on length (i.e. the shorter the better) rather than subject matter, however. Two boys – a baseball player and a mysterious, quiet fellow – teamed up to read Click Clack Moo. The baseball player said he liked it because the cows were cute. The quiet guy said that he didn’t like it because it was absurd. Which is precisely why I find it hilarious.


2 thoughts on “Reading Time

  1. Click Clack Moo is one of our family favorites. It makes all of us smile during our nightly “before bed” reading time with our two-year-old son.

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