Imperial Housecleaning

Today my mother-in-law returned from her weeklong housecleaning trip to Tokyo. She paid good money for the privilege of getting up at 5AM to clean the imperial residence with others. I suppose, for her, it was like a good Catholic going to the Vatican to help clean up. When she was born, the Emperor was still divine. She has a calendar with pictures of the royal family on her wall. Anyway, she said that she got to see the Empress and Emperor and the Crown Prince, who offered their thanks, and also shook hands with Prime Minister Koizumi. There was also some fun stuff thrown in, like a musical and a pro baseball game. My mother-in-law showed me her commemorative photo – a bunch of women in white aprons.


4 thoughts on “Imperial Housecleaning

  1. I think it’ll make its way into my writing somehow. I was thinking that I would go up to Tokyo to clean the imperial residence myself just to be able to write about it if I didn’t have to fork out the money for the plane fare and hotel.

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