An Afternoon on Firefly Hill

I’ve been working on some picture book texts for Makiand, photographer Makiko Hamada, who lives in the neighboring prefecture, and her cohorts. Makiko photographs mouse dolls made by a woman known to me as only Mrs. Comi in elaborate settings. It looks like my first submission, “An Afternoon on Firefly Hill,” will be produced sometime soon. The other books scheduled to come out this year will appear in both English and Japanese versions, so I’m assuming mine will, too. Can’t wait to see the results! The book will be for sale on the website.


One thought on “An Afternoon on Firefly Hill

  1. Hey, Suzanne. I just sent a story to them a few days ago and they’re in the process of translating it. It’s called “A Midsummer Visit”.
    Did you have yours critiqued first? From their correspondence it sounds like they are interested in my story, too. I was wondering if you got a definite yes and how long yours is, etc. I love your blog! Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu

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