New Beginnings

Well! This has been an exceptionally eventful and stressful week for me. Both kids had their opening ceremonies in the pouring rain and I also went for the first time ever to the college where I will be teaching to introduce myself to the students in my rain-drenched suit. Not only is the rain cold and wet, but also it makes the traffic really bad in the morning. Before I could get my daughter to school in twenty minutes, but now it takes three times that long!

Jio and Lilia have something like ten textbooks each, and every day they’re supposed to bring different books to school. I don’t see why they can’t just leave the books in their desks at school and bring home the ones they need to use for homework that day. Today Lilia didn’t have the proper book for her life class. I had no idea which book it was until her teacher told me when I went to pick her up.

Yoshi might have helped with this if he hadn’t been stricken by a vicious virus. He’s been out of commission since last Sunday.

Things can only get easier.


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