Japanese Math

I have been busily writing Lilia’s name on the various and multitudinous components of her Sansu Set (Math Set). I’d heard tell of the math set up in the Mother’s Room, but I didn’t really know what it was till I had to purchase one each for my kids. There are dice and magnetized shapes and a board game and flash cards. And, as per teachers’ instructions, Lilia’s name has to be on each one. Heaven forbid if her dice get switched with someone else’s!

Apparently, Lilia is supposed to use this set for the next six years. Apparently, she is expected to keep track of the tiny plastic rods and hajiki (flower shaped counting devices) until she gets to junior high school. Good luck, Lilia!

I think it would be more fun to count buttons or apples or something, but as an American, I guess I’m not in a position to make fun of the way that the Japanese do math.


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