The Last Hurrah

So today was the last big hurrah before the start of school on Monday (for Lilia, at least). After physical and occupational therapy, we went to a park on the side of a mountain. We met up with this American woman that I happened to meet at the library the other day who has lived here as long as I have – eighteen years. We were amazed that we hadn’t at least heard of each other before. She brought along her teen and tween and dog, and helped carry Lilia up the mountain. I let Jio run wild, as I usually do, because I was trying to keep my disabled daughter from danger. Then, what do you know, Jio fell down a ten foot stone wall. Okay, maybe it wasn’t ten feet, but it was perilously high. He said he slipped on an acorn. At first I thought he might have broken his leg or something. He’s all scraped up, but he started running around pretty quickly after his fall. Phew!


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