Terebi Champion in Africa

I had to watch Terebi Champion with my son this week because the contestants went to Kenya. The challenge was to photograph as many wild animals as possible. They got extra points for rare shots, such as an animal hunting, or a leopard in a tree. I believe they were on a game reserve. Anyway, this was the first Terebi Champion I’ve seen that involved danger. There was a guy with a rifle in each open jeep, and at one point, on hearing a lion’s roar, the contestant wanted to go in closer, but the guide warned that the lion might leap onto them. And then that would be like the Japanese tourist who fell into the Grand Canyon while trying to get a good shot.

One of the contestants was an animal illustrator. The winner was a safari guide, which didn’t seem fair since he probably knew better about where to find the animals than the others. I couldn’t help wondering what the African villagers on the show thought of these crazy foreigners.


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