My Last Post on Ebay

So I’m done with Ebay, for now at least, and am entering the Days of Austerity.

In case you were wondering, I finally did win an American Girl Doll on Ebay for a pretty good price. It’s not one of the character dolls – not Felicity, or Samantha, or Jess – but one of the generic ones. I figure I can write a story for her myself. Maybe I’ll dig up that one I started about the girl living in the jungles of Indonesia with her anthropologist mother. And maybe I should give her a name. Lilia, being deaf, doesn’t really get that you should name your dolls. She hasn’t been exposed to the wide range of names in the world.

About dolls. While I was looking around on Ebay, I found a line of newborn dolls, some of them preemie dolls. As the mother of a couple of kids who were born at 26 weeks, I ask you, what kind of person would want a preemie doll???


2 thoughts on “My Last Post on Ebay

  1. A Little Pregnant posted a ‘revised’ version of the icky preemie doll awhile back that was pretty on-target – the second link on her 1/23/2005 post. You see ads for those dolls in “Parade” almost every week in the States.

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