The Muse

My daughter is the inspiration for the story I’m working on right now, but she has also served as a muse for others. A few years ago I interviewed textile artist Mary Edna Fraser. In the course of our conversation,I told her about my daughter’s disabilities. Shortly thereafter, she e-mailed to say that she had begun a batik for my little girl.

Here is what she wrote about the work:

“Crater Aurelia” Venus, batik on silk, 57″ x 49″

This silk is dedicated to Lilia, a two year old deaf child, and for all who are handicapped. The volcanic dome Aurelia is one of many on Venus. The image suggests a delicate ballerina skirt with Lilia dancing across the planetary landscape.

I wish I could afford to buy it!


3 thoughts on “The Muse

  1. I couldn’t get the photo link to work. You have to click on works for sale and then keep going till you get to “Crater Aurelia Venus.”

  2. sorry for the deleted comments. 😦 i tried to post a link to the picture.

    well, it’s very lovely. thank you for telling us about it!

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