Bidding Fever

Instead of chasing down dust bunnies or writing a letter to my 90-year-old grandfather who lives alone or working on my novella this afternoon while my children were momentarily distracted, I was madly bidding at Ebay on American Girl Dolls. The Doll of 2006 is the best: her name is Jess and she’s half Japanese-American and half Irish-American and her parents are archaeologists. In the book that goes with the doll, they all go on an adventure to Belize. I’m trying to get this doll for my daughter’s birthday. Lilia is half Japanese and half German-American. She can’t read the book yet and she’s more interested in the blonde dolls, but I think Jess is really cool. I had a winning bid on a naked Jess doll when I went to bed, and even though I was starting to think that without the clothes she wasn’t such a great deal, I was disappointed to find out this morning that I lost.


5 thoughts on “Bidding Fever

  1. Doesn’t the shipping make the cost prohibitive? I think you mentioned buying some clothes from eBay, also.

    I can see why you’d like the Jess doll for your daughter. My daughter had Samantha, which was the one who most resembled her.

    I agree, those dolls are very expensive. My daughter saved up half the money and we paid the other half. What a racket that company has going. The doll clothes cost more than what I paid for my daughter’s clothes! We went to the store and they had a hair salon for the dolls. Unreal.

  2. The suits were a bargain, even with postage, but I was wrong in thinking I’d get a cheap second-hand doll on Ebay. Collectors push up the prices. I noticed one Jess doll was going for more than it would cost if you just ordered it from the American Girls company. Go figure.

  3. Oh, sad. I hope you try again. Losing on ebay is a sad thing… And, as one procrastinator to another, I can safely say this: even as you were bidding, you were writing… 🙂

  4. The Barbies are easier to get. I just won a Becky Share a Smile Wheelchair Barbie from 1997. Now I’m going to quit, at least for awile.:-)

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