The Loose Tooth

My daughter lost her front teeth a couple of years ago when she fell down the stairs. Her adult front teeth came in last summer. She has been visited by the tooth fairy on numerous occasions (the girl LOVES fairies). In Japan, you’re supposed to throw bottom teeth on the roof so the new ones will come up, and top teeth under the house so the new ones will come down, but once Lilia learned about the tooth fairy, there was no going back. After I took her last tooth from under her pillow and left a hundred yen coin, I threw it on the roof.

Anyway, it’s been such a long time that I sort of forgot her twin brother would be losing his front teeth, too. Then, at graduation, I noticed that one of his best friends, who is a bit younger, lost his front tooth. This is rather apropos as we’ve been reading Charming Opal lately. In this charming story, the pigs Toot and Puddle get a visit from Cousin Opal, who happens to have a loose tooth. Opal loses it in the pond for awhile. Maybe because of this, my son is worried about losing his tooth and he wanted me to try the doorknob trick mentioned in the book. I told him that it would come out soon enough.


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