Graduation II

Today was my son’s kindergarten graduation ceremony. Here he is, accepting his certificate of completion. When each kid went up to get his certificate, a picture of what he/she wants to be in the future was projected onto the screen. My son wants to be a baseball player. Most of the boys want to be soccer players. Two want to be magicians. Most of the mothers and teachers cried. The university president’s speech was very long. Among other things, she warned the kids that they would be walking by themselves to school from now on and wouldn’t have their mothers to protect them, and they should not get into cars with strangers.


2 thoughts on “Graduation II

  1. seriously??? how about your son? (for me, i hope that i will walk my son to school, at least for a few years, no matter what the school policy is. but we’ll see in a few years: jobs, school, etc….)

  2. I’ll be driving him to school. I wouldn’t mind walking him to school if it was closer, but my daughter will be going to the deaf school and I have to drive her so there wouldn’t be time.

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