Today was Lilia’s graduation ceremony. She had to give a little speech, and this is what she signed (as translated by me):

“In kindergarten, the funnest thing was ‘The Mitten’ play during the Culture Festival. I was the dog. I said ‘bow wow wow’ in a loud voice. Everyone praised me so I was happy.

“When I grow up I want to work in a clothing store. I want to sell pretty clothes.

“Thank you teacher and mama. When I become a first grader, I will do my best.

“That’s all.”

Sadly, her father didn’t understand her signing, but we were both very proud of her.


3 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. I’m coming a little late into the game (I discovered your weblog through Weigook Saram), but I was wondering how long your daughter has been signing? I’m guessing she’s learning Japanese sign language? These are nosy questions, but I was just kind of curious…

    And I’m loving reading about your life as a parent in Japan; it makes me remember the specific things – both good and bad – that make living there what it is (and helps me to get out of my fantasies about wanting to live there again).

  2. We started signing with her as soon as we knew she was deaf, which was when she was about 6 months old. I used some ASL at first, because I had a couple videos for kids and didn’t know much JSL. Now she uses JSL. I wrote more extensively about this in the book It’s A Girl which comes out in a couple weeks.

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