I have been worrying about how I will keep up with my kids once they start first grade and I have to help them with their homework. Yesterday in the car on the way to school, Jio asked me the English definition of three Japanese words that I didn’t know, and the day before that, Lilia was supposed to practice writing the word for the kind of rice cakes you put out for Girl’s Day, and I couldn’t remember it. Neither could she. Luckily, her dad was home, so we asked him. (The answer, in case you were wondering, is hishimochi.)

Worse, Lilia is supposed to fold five origami roses by Monday. You’d think I could help out with that by looking at the printed instruction sheet we were given, but I can’t get past the eighth fold.


2 thoughts on “Origami

  1. Hello.
    I guess this is my second time to leave a message.

    The origami homework sounds difficult. I am a Japanse mother and sometimes fold a crane or man(yakkosan) for my kids. But when I try something new and read its instruction, it is usually not good enough to understand and I just give up… Good luck on the assignment!

  2. I feel better knowing that even Japanese mothers, who presumably grew up doing origami, have problems with it. Thanks!

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