Scarlet Fever

Last night Jio was really itchy, so I took him to another doctor today, one in the town where we used to live whom I basically respect. She did a proper throat culture and diagnosed my boy with scarlet fever. She also pointed out that he would need to take antibiotics for ten to twelve days. Now I’ve pretty much lost my faith in the doctor we went to yesterday, which is a shame since it’s only five minutes away. Also, he has a really nice waiting room with a grand piano and a coffee table book on the films of Woody Allen in English. And the nurses make tea for you while you are waiting for test results! I don’t understand why he couldn’t be bothered to do a throat culture when I’d suggested my son might have scarlet fever. Didn’t he believe me? Would he have lost face if two tests turned out negative? At any rate, I am glad that I went in for that second opinion.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever

  1. Wow, that sounds really scary. I can see why you wouldn’t want to go back to the first doctor.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  2. good for you. i am recently disappointed in my current pediatrician. there is another who has fewer hours and is a thirty minute drive from my house, but she speaks english fairly well and agrees with my husband and i about not giving antibiotics for simple colds.

    i hope jio feels better soon!

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