Ceremony Suits

I’ve been wearing the same suit to ceremonies over the past seven years. With four major ceremonies coming up (graduation from kindergarten, entrance ceremony for elementary school, two each) and a possible job interview, I figured it was time for a new suit. I hopped over to Ebay to check out the selection and got carried away. I bid on a gorgeous black silk cocktail dress that I have no occasion to wear and won! Luckily for me, the seller reneged and I kept my money. I didn’t get the cashmere Chanel outfit either, but I did manage to buy a couple of Armani suits for less than the price of one teeny tiny jacket at Sogo. I’m not huge or anything, but Japanese women are very small and it’s hard to find clothes that fit well here. Anyway, after I bought the suits I thought, I need new shoes! Then I remembered that everyone will be leaving their shoes at the door and shuffling around in vinyl slippers.


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