Signs that My Daughter is Japanese

1. When she is playing with her dolls, she makes them bow to each other.
2. Her favorite dessert is red beans in syrup.
3. She wants to be Sailor Moon when she grows up.
4. She is looking forward to giving chocolate to a boy that she likes on Valentine’s Day.

As for #4, I don’t think she even realized until this year that girls give boys chocolate on February 14 (and get nothing themselves). In the past, she has gotten cards from her grandparents in the United States, and candy from her Japanese grandmother and from me. This year, her teacher talked to her about who she’d be giving chocolate to and she also saw the whole thing enacted in a cartoon on TV. So today, after school, we went to the grocery store. She picked out a large bar of chocolate in a Pokemon box (after I told her the one with wrapping and silver ribbons was a bit much for a six-year-old) and brought it home and wrapped it herself. She cut a red heart out of origami paper and wrote her name and this boy’s name on it. The other six boys in her kindergarten will be getting giri chocolate – one KitKat each.


3 thoughts on “Signs that My Daughter is Japanese

  1. Hmm, so the girl gives the guy chocolate?

    By the way, does “giri” mean foreign? because here in Spain, “Guiri” (pronounced Geeri, hard G) is a slang term for foreigner, usually referring to Americans or other English speakers.

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