A Few More Thoughts…

Today’s headline in The Japan Times is “Koizumi puts bill for female succession on back burner.” You can just hear the whoosh of breath as those conservatives in the Diet let out a great big “Whew!”

I wish the very best for the princesses, but I can’t help thinking that Kiko-sama, at 39, is of an advanced maternal age. It’s pretty obvious that she’s also been under pressure to conceive a boy and that this baby isn’t just a happy surprise. Will they do an amnio? And what if it turns out to be another girl? And, forgive me for saying this, but what if it turned out to be a boy with Down’s Syndrome? Would everyone suddenly rethink what it means to be disabled? Or would the child be hidden away and never spoken about again? Or worse?

It also occurred to me that it would be rather interesting if Aiko-sama did become Empress and marry a foreigner, like maybe royalty from an Asian country. I know it’ll never happen, but think of it: the Japanese could suddenly have a good relationship with another Asian nation with just one wedding! Isn’t that what they used to do in Europe?


2 thoughts on “A Few More Thoughts…

  1. De-lurking here to comment!! 🙂

    Everyone would have to re-think their comments about bi-racial kids being “gaijin” for a start! LOL!

    I think it is a shame that Koizumi has been forced to put the bill on the back-burner and by his decidedly fed-up face during question time the other day, I am pretty sure he isn`t overly impressed either!

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