And the Winner Is…

In case you were wondering where we decided to send Jio to school in April, I’ll tell you.

A little over a week ago, we drove past that private school I mentioned where some of the classes are taught in English. I’d pretty much resigned myself to the local public school, as it’s cheap and Jio would have a chance to make friends in the neighborhood, but my husband noted that the school was still taking applications. There was a huge banner in front about this. He suggested that we apply. I went in on Monday. The head teacher came out to meet me and informed me that the entrance exam took place at the end of November, but they would be willing to accept Jio’s application anyway. I rounded up some money for the application fee and an interview was scheduled. I told the moms at Lilia’s school that I wouldn’t be around because I had to take my son to an entrance exam. They were appalled that I was planning to go dressed in black slacks and a sweater. “You have to wear a suit,” they said. “And make-up!” So I slipped out of a presentation on reading picture books to deaf children, earning the disapproval of the head teacher at my daughter’s school, and rushed home to dress up.

At the school, Jio went off with the teacher who was going to administer the exam. I was left to wait in an empty room. I almost always have a book with me, but I didn’t yesterday. I sat there 40 minutes waiting with nothing to do but daydream. Finally, Jio and the teacher came back. The teacher said that he did well on the test. She noted that he can read and write in Japanese, but not in English. I asked about the jump rope portion of the test, but she said they didn’t do that. I was a bit relieved, because Jio has yet to master jump rope.

Later, the principal came to speak with me. She was very nice. Jio was misbehaving, opening drawers and walking around with a chair on his body, but the teacher assured me that it was good that he was so active.

Jio’s acceptance letter was hand-delivered yesterday evening.

So he’s going to Seiko.


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