Taiken Happyo

Yesterday was Lilia’s taiken happyo, which means she had to get up in front of all the kindergarteners, teachers and mothers and make a presentation about what she did during winter vacation. Lilia wanted to talk about the beautiful pink Barbie-as-Rapunzel dress that she got for Christmas from her American grandparents. Normally, Lilia is excited about making presentations, but she doesn’t want to practice. One point of the exercise is that the kids have to memorize their little talks. My girl balked quite a bit in the days leading up to the real deal, but yesterday morning she really wanted to practice. She wound up doing a great job, even though she didn’t eat a proper breakfast and she had to wait an hour and a half while the four kids before her did their presentations (on kite-flying, a stay at grandparents’ house, playing karuta, and bowling). Afterwards, the boy she really really likes asked her a question and she was able to answer it. That is the first time she has been able to answer a question about her presentation. I was very happy.


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