I didn’t set the alarm last night, so we wound up sleeping till 8AM! The exam for Fuzoku Elementary School was at 8:30AM!! We dragged Jio out of bed, threw some clothes on him, shoved a toasted bagel in his hand, and then put him in the car with his dad. It was drizzly and a bit dark, so I worried a bit about Yoshi racing along the levee road. They came home about an hour and a half later. Yoshi had forgotten an essential piece of paper, so Jio wasn’t allowed to take the test, never mind that he was late. While I did not intentionally sabotage Jio’s chances for getting into the school, I can’t say I’m disappointed. Apparently 98 percent of kids at that school go to cram school, and I’m not about to have some teacher try to pressure me into sending my boy to juku. So now we’re down to two options – public school and the bi-lingual private school.


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