Coming-of-Age Day

Today is Coming-of-Age Day here in Japan, a celebration of those who have turned 20. It’s a big dress-up chance for young women, who often go to salons to have their hair and make-up done and kimono put on. Putting a kimono on by oneself is pretty complicated and there are actually classes on getting dressed in traditional garb.

More significantly for us, today is the last day of winter vacation. Jio is especially looking forward to seeing his friends. A couple days ago he was outside by himself, tossing a football around (all those bowl games Grandpa and Great-Grandpa watched in the U.S. must have had their effect). He came in and told me that he’d been pretending to be playing with his friends. He’d been doing their voices and everything. I felt kind of sorry for him. He needs to make some friends in the neighborhood.

It looks like Lilia won’t be going to school tomorrow. She came down with the mumps last night.


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