Kingston by Starlight

So here’s what we’ re reading Chez Kamata:

I’m three-fourths through Kingston by Starlight, Christopher John Farley’s rollicking tale of girl pirate, Anne Bonny. It’s full of adventure and written entirely in pirate-speak. Although the book is fiction, Anne Bonny really lived and sailed in the West Indies. Interestingly, she passed through Charleston,South Carolina, my favorite city in my adopted state. I love finding these little connections.

My son is enjoying The Big Bazoohley by Peter Carey, as read by yours truly. He resisted mightily at first, as there weren’t enough pictures for his taste, but I’ve read Carey’s novels for adults and I knew that this book would be full of weird and wonderful details. And indeed it is! This kid, Sam Kellow, gets locked out of his hotel room and goes in search of the mysterious Mr. de Vere, who is supposed to buy one of his mother’ s paintings. Only, he gets kidnapped by an ambitious couple who want to enter him in the Perfecto Kiddo Prize contest in order to win ten thousand dollars. That’s about as far as we’ve gotten.


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