To Market, To Market

This morning Lilia and her fellow deaf kindergartners went on a mini field trip to the local market. Originally, the moms were not scheduled to go, but a couple wanted to go along and take notes, so as to make sure they’d be able to reinforce the new vocabulary of the day. I decided to join in as well. All the kids got a little spending money (taken out of school fees). Lilia decided before she even left school that she would be buying a tangerine. While we were looking at the slabs of meat at the butcher’s, she signed “tangerine.” While we were looking at the fish, she signed “tangerine.” For some reason, she was afraid of the large, albeit dead, fish, though she thought the smaller fish would be good to eat. The children enjoyed poking at a live octopus and crabs in a net. I was surprised to see mahi mahi. Isn’t that a Hawaiian fish? Lilia finally got to buy a bag of tangerines, which she signed she was going to give to her grandmother, not to her mom or dad. Her classmate Y., who is autistic, bought a pineapple. His mother said that he really likes pineapples – the shape or color, I guess – but he won’t eat them.


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