Deaf School Culture Festival

So today was the annual Culture Festival at Lilia’s school. My mother-in-law went in her own car was late, missing the “Dinosaur Samba,” because she went to Jio’s school, where another culture festival was in progress, albeit a university one. I can’t figure out if communication is really that bad between us or if she is just forgetful. At any rate, she was in time to see Lilia’s performance in “The Mitten.” Unlike me, Lilia loves the spotlight and instead of getting nervous and forgetting her lines in a gymnasium full of spectators like I would, she started ad libbing and at one point had to be literally dragged off the stage! But for the most part, she stuck to the script and did a star turn as an old man’s dog. Many people praised her afterward, and every time I got all choked up. Only a year ago, she could barely answer questions, and this month she memorized quite a few lines and delivered them with flair.


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